Welcome to the website for Gloucester Scriptorium, the organization that fosters new theatre writing and production in Gloucester, UK.

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About Us: We are a collective of writers, all with different levels of skill, but all with some productions under out belts. See the writers page for more information about individuals in the group.

Our current home is the Laud Room in the Parliament Suite of Gloucester Cathedral, where we meet monthly to explore different aspects of writing for theatre.

Our first project ‘Only in Gloucester’ was funded by the Arts Council and you can find out more about that by clicking the tab above.

Our second project ‘Talking Objects’ is a series of audio monologues inspired by objects at the Gloucester Life Museum. Officially launched in September 2016 these can all be listened to on this website – on the Museums Monologue tab.

Our third project ‘Tapestry’ was a weaving together of all the writers work ending in a performance at Gloucester Cathedral in May this year – 2017. Once again we’ve received Arts Council funding for this project.

We’re now busy working out the details of our next project, which will be an exciting piece once again drawing on stories from the city of Gloucester.

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